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Audition Information

  • WHO: Footlite is an all volunteer community theater. We seek a predominately African-American cast with other featured ensemble roles for various races/ethnicities. 
  • WHEN: Sunday, January 22nd at 6:00 p.m. and Monday, January 23rd at 7:00 p.m.; callbacks will take place on Tuesday, January 24th at 7:00 p.m. (if necessary). 
  • WHERE: Auditions will take place at the theater at 1847 N. Alabama Street.



  • Please prepare a verse and a chorus (approximately 16-32 bars) from a Broadway musical other than Dreamgirls, or a Motown, R&B, Blues or Soul song in a similar style to the show. Please bring sheet music that is in the correct key and is well marked with where to start and stop. We are looking for a cast with strong harmonizing abilities. 


  • You will learn a choreographed number together and then may be broken into smaller groups for the remainder of the dance portion.
  • Be sure to bring appropriate clothes and shoes for movement/dance.
  • A free dance audition workshop will be offered in the weeks leading up to the audition with dates and times to be announced.
  • You may or may not read a short monologue from the script.
  • If you are called back, you will be given a specific song(s) to prepare and will also read short scenes from the script ("sides") with a partner or group.


At auditions, you will be asked to write down your schedule and any known conflicts for the rehearsal and performance period. Bring your calendars!

Rehearsals will begin in mid-February and will be in the evenings during the week, with some rehearsals on Saturdays and Sundays. No rehearsals on Fridays. Production dates are May 5, 6, 7, 11, 12, 13, 14, 18, 19, 20, and 21 of 2017. There is no participation fee to be involved.

Show Contacts

  • STAFF: Director: Damon Clevenger, Producers: Rich Baker, Dennis Jones, Jerry Beasley
  • QUESTIONS: Please contact Damon Clevenger at dtclevenger@gmail.com


The smash-hit Broadway musical about the meteoric rise of a female trio of black singers is a fresh and charismatic now as it was over 30 years ago. As The Dreamettes gain in popularity, the group’s manager decides to replace their overweight lead singer with a more glamorous and svelte prospect. 

Loosely based on The Supremes and set amid the turbulence of the 1960s culture wars, this show sizzles with behind-the-scenes drama. It’s the story of betrayal, aspiration, and determination in the face of rejection. 

Featuring the songs that launched the careers of Jennifer Holliday, Loretta Devine, and Sheryl Lee Ralph; DREAMGIRLS fills the soul and heart with love, laughter, and music. 

Of the groundbreaking 1981 Broadway Production: — Winner of Six Tony Awards — “Broadway history was made … beautiful and heartbreaking … a show that strikes with the speed and heat of lightning'' – The New York Times



  • EFFIE MELODY WHITE: Female, 20-40ish, African American – powerful belt, large and in charge,lead singer of The Dreamettes. Journeys from snappy confidence to depths of betrayal, but triumphs in the end. Seeking actor with willingness to dig deep emotionally as well as belt.
  • DEENA JONES: Female, 18-40ish, African American – mezzo soprano, initially modest backup singer for Dreamettes. Replaces Effie, under pressure. And falls for Curtis, knowing Effie had him. The Diana Ross-esq character, so must move from innocent to “star.
  • LORRELL ROBINSON: Female, 18-30ish, African American – soprano, the youngest backup singer. Speaks her mind. Eager for success, swept off her feet by married James Thunder Early. High energy and attitude encouraged for this role, with a touch of the romantic.
  • MICHELLE MORRIS: Female, 18-40ish, African American – soprano, replacement backup for Effie. Wants to stay out of the fighting. Falls in love with C.C., and helps bring brother and sister together in the end.
  • CURTIS TAYLOR: Male, 25-45ish, African American – tenor/high baritone, a Cadillac dealer turned the Dreams’ brilliant manager, then music mogul. Charming, smooth, and funny, he’s ruthless in the pursuit of his dreams. Dumps Effie and James in pursuit of glory.
  • C.C. WHITE: Male, 20-30, African American – tenor, talented song writer for the Dreamettes/Dreams and is Effie’s brother. Initially enthralled by Curtis’ business smarts.
  • JAMES "THUNDER" EARLY: Male, 30-50, African American – tenor/strong falsetto, a James Brown-like flashy star of early R&B that Curtis steals from Marty. A trendsetter, but trends pass him by. Be ready to be a showman, and let loose.
  • MARTY MADISON: Male, 40’s-60’s, African American – baritone, early manager of James Early, cleans up after many of James’ messes, old-school, honest and loyal.


Aged 18+ to ?, African American, except Dave & the Sweethearts could be White

  • WAYNE … Male, assistant to Curtis
  • FRANK … Male, press agent
  • DWIGHT … Male, TV director
  • M.C. … Male or Female (as male), master of ceremonies at The Apollo Theater
  • CHARLENE & JOANN … Females, backup singers for J.T. Early
  • MORGAN … Male, Effie’s lawyer
  • JERRY … Male or Female Nightclub owner

Male and Female Singing Groups to be double-cast:



DREAMGIRLS is a fabulous, fun, and inspirational show. A show like this will be a team effort. Everyone will be expected to collaborate together and be ready to work, on time, each and every day you are called to work together on this gorgeous show. Please don’t be intimidated. We love Newbies! There are all types of roles available for different skill sets so you don’t have to be a terrific dancer, but a great attitude and good pipes will go a long way. Take the chance to follow your own dream. Let’s do a passionate production that will resonate with all who come into contact with it. Last, know that this is a large commitment of your time and energy but it may just be a life-changing experience. We can’t wait to make you part of The Dream.

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